YCharts: The Enabler of Smarter Investments

YCharts: The Enabler of Smarter Investments

CIO VendorSean Brown, President & CEO
The wealth management landscape is rapidly changing with the “great wealth transfer” underway, where baby boomers, who account for a significant portion of today’s clients, are transferring their assets to the next generation. Wealth and asset managers now face an uphill task to adapt and update their business models for the tech-savvy customers of tomorrow. With the rise of advanced technologies such as robo-advisors posing as a substitute, the fees that wealth advisors charge their customers is under constant scrutiny. Another expensive challenge is the fact that passively managed portfolios tend to outperform actively managed portfolios. To streamline their operations and improve their results, wealth managers are looking for solutions that can deliver better customer service, generate higher investment returns for their clients, and also save time.

Enter YCharts, a cloud-based investment research platform tailor-made to help wealth advisors and asset managers track the markets and make smarter investment decisions. Through powerful visualization and advanced analytics capabilities, YCharts empowers wealth and asset managers with cutting-edge tools to access and interpret critical data for stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. “We provide a high return-on-investment solution that is easy to use and gives a competitive edge in accessing and manipulating industry-leading data to enable smarter investment decisions. We support our software with a high-touch customer success team, there to help our customers in a variety of ways,” says Sean Brown, President and CEO at YCharts.

A software industry veteran, Brown carries experience spanning over 25 years in helping companies of varying sizes transform into market leaders. According to him, YCharts’ financial data platform has many features that are analogous to a Swiss Army Knife, which is known to be portable, easy to use, multi-faceted, and indispensable. The application encompasses dashboards, news, and alerts that help wealth managers stay abreast of the market and get an overview of what they prioritize the most. Users also have the option to customize charts and leverage other powerful visualization tools, all in one consolidated platform. Additionally, there are screening and research tools that allow users to find a specific type of security from a large list and narrow it down to a manageable number of securities that meet the essential criteria. A wealth manager or investor can then easily perform deep dive research on that particular shortlist using other YCharts tools.

YCharts’ visualization tools help customers derive and present insights in a pictorial form. Numerous efficiency enablers automatically integrate YCharts’ financial data into Microsoft Excel and save clients from manually updating their spreadsheets, allowing them time to carry out other operations.

Being a web-based software application, a browser and internet access are all that is needed to leverage the full potential of YCharts. The onboarding commences by users logging in to the site to customize their dashboard and set up their desired screens. “Our clients find our platform extremely beneficial and regularly recommend us to their colleagues, supporting the rapid expansion of our customer base,” says Brown.

YCharts has seen significant market growth in 2018 based on some important third-party relationships it has announced. Dynasty Financial Partners, a firm that specializes in services to help advisors break away from wirehouses, wanted to establish their own independent practice. Impressed by the competence of YCharts’ application in their operations, the organization decided to offer the tool as a standard part of their technology infrastructure for every breakaway investor. Additionally, recently the firm announced integrations with TD Ameritrade’s Veo One platform, and Schwab Performance Technologies® PortfolioCenter®.