Fiserv: Managing Financial Risks

Fiserv: Managing Financial Risks

CIO VendorJeffery W. Yabuki, President, CEO & Director The Great Fire of London—occurred in 1666—portrayed how a simple flying fire sparked inside a bakery took a massive form and destroyed almost one-third of the city. Started in the midnight of 2nd September, the fire continued to horrify citizens till 5th of the same month. Within these three days, the city was devastated and the fire made almost eighty thousand lives homeless. This incident was recorded as one of the biggest mishaps in history, where the power of urbanization failed to combat with the sudden fire invasion. But, that did not stop people to continue dwelling in cities. In fact, such negative consequences of urbanization gave way to thoughtful remedies through experiments and innovations such as fire insurance and fire brigades in this case. Still, risks and uncertainties remain inevitable.

Risks in businesses are also inescapable. Business headlines nowadays often indicate that the risk landscape is witnessing changes with the digital revolution. Especially, the risks in money movement processes in global businesses today are alarming and have a greater impact on the world economy. Strong control and effective management of financial operations are necessary to avoid complex risks and encourage seamless transactions. Offering a wide range of risk and compliance solutions, Fiserv, a frontrunner among financial technology solutions providers, ensures efficient and sound risk management for businesses across the globe. Fiserv’s risk management solutions assist in automating and streamlining accounting and other financial operations to attain operational proficiency as well as improved accuracy in calculations. Detecting, analyzing, managing, and preventing varied financial risks are what the company’s risk management solutions offer, along with minimizing loss, maximizing profits, and preserving user’s experience.

Fiserv’s Card Risk Solution prevents card frauds by detecting fraudulent activities through its enhanced fraud detecting software

Besides, simplifying regulatory compliance, the company also protects goodwill of its customer companies.

Within the streams of Fiserv’s unmatchable risk management solutions, Financial Control and Accounting Solution offer automation to reconcile and certify account which facilitates efficient and faster financial processes. The analytic solution, popularly known as Fraud Risk and AML Compliance Management, defenses frauds, and money laundering activities by distributing data of a transaction life-cycle across different control points. Financial Performance and Risk Management, on the other hand, assists in planning, budgeting, fund transferring, and financial accounting through comprehensive solutions. It also helps in understanding the risky areas of financial operations and the opportunities to increase profits by offering solutions for asset or liability management, liquidity risk, and credit market. Fiserv aims to give a strategic view of the risk management processes integrated across different business channels and provides diverse tools to reduce financial losses or attain no loss.

Domains of Specialization

The emerging trend of using debit or credit cards has successfully increased risks through card frauds. Having a powerful control in this sphere, Fiserv’s Card Risk Solution prevents card frauds by detecting fraudulent activities through its enhanced fraud detecting software. Through its Card Risk Essentials, all card transactions are evaluated in real-time to identify the frauds instantly. It also helps in blocking suspicious transactions with its high performing toolset. Risk Office is another solution that integrates the company’s expert team of fraud mitigation along with the competences of Card Risk solution to work on research and advisory services. It maintains its clients’ fraud protection tools updated keeping an eye on the current trends of risks and frauds.

Similar to the Card Risk Solution Fiserv has attained excellence in Institutional Asset Management. It offers state-of-the-art software for the investment management sector along with solutions supporting and fulfilling back-office requirements such as trade processing, fee billing, and complex calculations. This particular tool delivers efficiency, profitability, scalability, and improvement in performance. Fiserv is also serving the wealth management industry for over thirty years now. It offers the best-of-breed technology for the wealth management sector that helps its clients to address and overcome varied challenges that they face in their day-to-day business transactions. Its integrated front to back solutions for wealth management assist in portfolio management and trading, portfolio accounting, billing services, performance and portfolio reporting, model management, and financial advice management. The company also possesses Unified Wealth Platform that supports all areas of wealth management including trading, retirement income modeling, reporting, and also financial planning.

In addition to the above, Fiserv has one of the most expanded networks of managed account data and connectivity. This brings asset sponsors and managers together to provide the excellent performance necessary for all functional areas of financial businesses. In the most effective way, the company is also contributing towards loans and leases. With its loan processing solution, the company gives the opportunity to minimize costs and increase revenue along with staying focused in the rapid growing competitive market of finance.

Company Overview

Propelling with such outstanding risk management solutions for more than three decades now, Fiserv is now led by Jeffery W. Yabuki, the President, CEO & Director. Under his supervision the company serves more than 12000 organizations across the world today. Through its best-in-class financial solutions including Processing Service Solutions, Customer and Channel Management, and Payment Solutions, the company supports in easy, speedy and convenient movement, and management of money. Operating from Brookfield, Wisconsin, Fiserv assists diverse industries such as Communications, Government, Banks, Business Banking, Corporate Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Property Management, Wealth Management, and Utilities. The company’s strong leadership and flexible working capabilities have helped it to gain success over the years and will continue to attain the same by innovating and evolving with the changing trends in the financial sector.

- Debarpita Ghosh
    December 24, 2018